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I'm Christopher. I love to code and make music. I work as a software engineer. Want to get in touch?


stop rebasing

2020-11-16: Rebasing is in vogue. But if we don't stop to think before rewriting our history, it will just end up causing us pain in the future.

Kubernetes and open contribution at OCF

2020-03-07: Talk: How we use Kubernetes at OCF to encourage contribution, presented at the UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup.

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In 2020 I worked as one of two engineers on Blimp. Our goal was to streamline development in a microservice ecosystem by moving it into the cloud. Since the team was so small, I was simultaneously doing dev, ops, and product work. This meant that I wrote a lot of Go code, made architectural decisions, and became intimately familiar with the inner workings of Kubernetes. The project didn't pan out in the end, but I had a lot of fun working on it.

At UC Berkeley, I was a volunteer manager for the Open Computing Facility. As a Site Manager in spring 2020, I was one of two technical leads for the organization of 100+ volunteers and 8 paid staff. Before that, I served as a General Manager and a Deputy Site Manager, sharing responsibility for the computer lab of 29 computers and the array of servers which provide webhosting, high performance computing, and general server access to the Berkeley campus. (Kubernetes!) Check out some of the services that the OCF provides.

I spent the summer and fall of 2019 working at Brave. I worked on adding a cryptocurrency wallet manager to the browser, and also contributed to the core browser. You can see all my pull requets on GitHub.

I also have been a part of Political Computer Science @ Berkeley. I led the technical development of DARP, a project to analyse digital access and privacy rights around the world.

At Angie's List, I converted a price comparison tool from an outdated web stack to use Angie's List's new Thunderball stack (and along the way made some contributions to Thunderball itself). I also reworked some shared microservice Scala libraries for request processing.

I helped create kotct/dot, a tool for creating universally-available personal configurations, supporting GNU Emacs. This is my longest-running open project. You can find my own dot-compatible emacs config at cg505/.emacs.

I worked for two summers at Studio by Purdue. During Summer 2016, I brought a new tool to life which exposed class and student data, contributing code from top (React/Redux) to bottom (ASP.NET). As the fall semester began, we deployed this app in time for my freshman class to use it during orientation. For Summer 2018, I focused on Passport, which is used widely at Purdue, as well as other institutions such as University of Arizona.

Interested more in my work? Check my resume. Impressed? Hire me!


I like jazz. In fall 2018, I played alto saxophone in a combo at UC Jazz with fellow Cal students. At Purdue I played alto sax in the Purdue Jazz Band. Check out our rendition of "Angel Eyes" featuring yours truly.

In high school I played tenor saxophone in a jazz combo called Red Note. Here's some videos of me playing "The Christmas Song" and "Hotline Bling" with them.

I also sometimes find time for amateur composition and production. You can find some tunez on my soundcloud.

I listen to a lot of music, not just jazz. From Mitski to Tennyson to Injury Reserve, I love to talk to other people who are always trying to discover that next album that they love. See my listening history on, or try one of my spotify playlists.

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Interested in hiring me? Nice! I'm looking to expand my software engineering experience, which currently includes employers such as Kelda and Brave.

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If you need to contact me for some reason, shoot me an email at my personal address,

Alternatively, you can try to reach me on twitter, the fediverse, linkedin, or by just piping the contents of your message to /dev/null. But, email is probably your best bet.